Applications of 3.8 V Li Ion Battery


Laptop Battery

Modern laptops are powered by lithium-ion batteries, known for their lightweight design, large


Camera Battery

Li-ion camera batteries, usually called battery packs, are commonly used in many


ipad Battery

iPads utilize lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. In contrast to conventional battery


Wireless Microphone Battery

Lithium batteries are increasingly popular for wireless microphones due to their high


Car Toys Battery

Due to the lightweight, high capacity, and thin profile of lithium batteries, they are


Tablet Battery

Tablets Batterys currently use Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These batteries have a

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FAQs About 3.8 V Li Ion Battery

  • What is the lowest temperature at which we can produce batteries?

    Low temperature batteries can be produced at a minimum of -40℃, discharge temperature: -40~60℃, charging temperature: 0~45℃.
  • What is the highest temperature at which we can produce batteries?

    We can produce high temperature batteries up to 85℃, discharge temperature -10~85℃, charging temperature: 0~45℃.
  • How long can a lithium battery work?

    Assuming the motor is 15w and uses a 2000mah cell, the battery is able to work for 29.3 minutes.
  • How about the battery cycle life?

    The 500mAh battery has a capacity of approximately 400mAh after 500 cycles. One complete charge/discharge cycle is counted as one cycle. Capacity ≥92% after 100 cycles, ≥88% after 300 cycles, ≥80% after 500 cycles.
  • What is the range of capacity and voltage for custom batteries?

    Capacity: 20mah~12000mah, Voltage: 3.2v~48v.
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