Tire Pressure Monitor Battery Application

Tire Pressure Monitoring Batteries are small batteries used in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), which usually use lithium batteries as a power source because of their compact size and high energy density.
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Ufine Tire Pressure Sensor Battery Protects Car Safety

Tire pressure failure of car tires is one of the important causes of traffic accidents. Especially at high speeds, high temperatures and heavy loads, tire pressure stability is crucial to vehicle safety. Abnormal tire pressure will not only cause increased fuel consumption, reduced tire life, and vehicle bumps but will also lead to weakened braking function and even the risk of tire blowout, so the tire pressure monitoring system is particularly important.

Forum pressure detection system
Tire pressure monitoring system. It can automatically monitor tire pressure in real-time by recording tire speed or electronic sensors installed in the tires while the car is driving to ensure driving safety.

Tire pressure monitoring systems can be divided into two types: one is the indirect tire pressure monitoring system, which uses the difference in tire speed to determine whether the tire is abnormal (commonly known as tire pressure alarm). The other is a direct tire pressure monitoring system. By installing four tire pressure monitoring sensors inside the tires, the tire pressure and temperature can be automatically monitored in real time while the car is stationary or driving.
Provide timely alarms for tire high pressure, low pressure, and high temperature to avoid traffic accidents caused by tire failure and ensure driving safety (commonly known as tire pressure display).

The tire pressure detection principle

Installing a MEMS pressure sensor inside a tire can directly measure the tire’s air pressure. The wireless transmitter is then used to send the pressure information from inside the tire to the central receiver module, and then the air pressure data of each tire is displayed.

When the tire pressure is too low or there is a leak, the system will automatically alarm. The data it outputs are fully calibrated and temperature compensated, and the standard digital output makes system integration easier. The working temperature can be compensated and calibrated in the entire temperature range, and the accuracy can reach ±1% FS.

MEMS pressure sensors also have a very big advantage, that is, the product size is very small and the packaging is flexible. It can be patch-mounted or directly welded to PCBs of different sizes.

Tire pressure monitor battery

The tire pressure monitoring system needs to detect abnormal tire pressure conditions, and only with high resolution can it achieve high accuracy. However, the tire pressure sensor battery life is limited, and the capacity is also affected by temperature. The importance of choosing a high-quality tire pressure monitor battery for driving safety is self-evident.

Ufine has been focusing on battery manufacturing technology for 15 years. It is safe and stable, has no risk of explosion and has a strong battery life. Ufine’s tire pressure sensor battery has long-lasting power, a high charging conversion rate, does not get hot, has a long service life, is durable, has production qualifications and its products have passed multiple national and global certifications. Ufine’s tire pressure sensor battery protects the driving safety of the car and is a battery brand worth choosing.

High Energy Density

It stores large amounts of energy in a smaller and lighter package

Longer Cycle Life

Withstands extensive charge and discharge cycles

Low Self-Discharge

Maintains power longer when not in use


Minimizes the risk of accidents and ensures safe operation

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