Applications of 11.1 V Lithium Ion Battery Pack

glucose meter battery

Glucose Meter Battery

Blood glucose meters play a crucial role in monitoring and managing diabetes. The battery powering your glucose meter is essential for accurate and reliable readings.

Digital Thermometer Battery

Digital thermometers are accurate and reliable tools for measuring temperature. With their efficient battery life and advanced features, they have become the preferred choice for many individuals and healthcare professionals.

Pulse Oximeter Battery

Common battery types used in pulse oximeters include rechargeable lithium batteries, AAA, AA, or button cell batteries like CR2032.

Blood Pressure Monitor Battery

Some blood pressure monitors have rechargeable batteries that can be recharged using a charging cable or dock. These monitors eliminate the need for frequent battery replacement and provide convenience for portable use.

ECG Battery

The battery life of an ECG monitor depends on various factors such as the capacity of the battery, the power consumption of the device, and the usage frequency.

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FAQs About 11.1 V Lithium Ion Battery Pack

  • What is the lowest temperature at which we can produce batteries?

    Low temperature batteries can be produced at a minimum of -40℃, discharge temperature: -40~60℃, charging temperature: 0~45℃.
  • What is the highest temperature at which we can produce batteries?

    We can produce high temperature batteries up to 85℃, discharge temperature -10~85℃, charging temperature: 0~45℃.
  • How long can a lithium battery work?

    Assuming the motor is 15w and uses a 2000mah cell, the battery is able to work for 29.3 minutes.
  • How about the battery cycle life?

    The 500mAh battery has a capacity of approximately 400mAh after 500 cycles. One complete charge/discharge cycle is counted as one cycle. Capacity ≥92% after 100 cycles, ≥88% after 300 cycles, ≥80% after 500 cycles.
  • What is the range of capacity and voltage for custom batteries?

    Capacity: 20mah~12000mah, Voltage: 3.2v~48v.
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