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Who we are

Who we are

One of the BEST Lithium Battery Manufacturer in China
Uine was founded in 2008. Over these few years, we've gained the trust of our customers through honesty and established our company's reputation for quality. As a result, our products have gained popularity in overseas markets, serving customers in numerous countries, including South Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, and more. In 2022, our factory underwent a comprehensive upgrade to become a super factory for lithium battery production.
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Benefits of Working at Ufine

  • personal development and orientation training
    Personal Development & Orientation Training
    At Ufine, we respect the growth of our employees. Therefore, orientation training and development are taken seriously right from the begining.
  • excting tasks
    We work creatively and technically from the begining. It means you can work on thrilling, technical projects from the start of yours careers.
    Our products have a global target, offering you the opportunity to be part of spreading the brand's spirit.
  • Positive work environment
    Positive work environment
    Our company culture provide a positive, open, diverse, and balanced work environment, encouraging employees to unleash their potential.

Employee Voices

"I enjoy the dynamic environment, teamwork with cell engineers, and delivering reliable battery solutions. Proud to be part of Ufine."
Battery Pack Engineer
"I'm at the forefront of innovation. Ufine's resources and collaborative environment allow me to optimize performance and create exceptional battery cells."
Battery Cell Engineer
"Working as a Sales Rep at Ufine is exciting. The quality of Ufine's lithium batteries makes it easier to promote and sell. Comprehensive training and teamwork contribute to our success."
Sales Engineer
"Ufine's focus on quality and strategic partnerships ensures superior materials for our batteries. Efficient and rewarding work environment."
Purchasing Manager

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Responsibilities Requirements
Market Research

1. Analyze and extract data in the new energy lithium battery industry, comprehend the market, present data visually, and write analytical reports.

2. Analyze industry trends, competitors' business status, assess market development directions, regularly compile and review market research reports for company leadership reference.

3. Track, gather, and analyze market dynamics of competitors in the same industry to provide decision-making support for market expansion.

4. Understand marketing demands of different platforms and customers in the industry, conduct comprehensive business analysis, optimize company marketing methods, propose innovative business insights, identify potential new business opportunities, estimate new business opportunity models, and evaluate the commercial feasibility of new business opportunities.

5. Coordinate internal resources to realize project implementation.

6. Establish proprietary databases to generate analytical reports from an internal perspective.

1.Bachelor's degree or higher, 2+ years of experience in market analysis; preference for backgrounds in electrochemistry, marketing, or related economic fields.

2.Familiarity with the lithium battery industry market environment; candidates with basic battery knowledge are preferred.

3.Experience in industries such as 3C electronics, smart wearables, smart metering, or automotive electronics is advantageous.

4.Proficient in using office suite software, skilled in text editing, formatting, and chart creation.

5.Possess keen market insight, excellent logical thinking, market analysis abilities, solid writing skills, good verbal communication skills, and the capability to independently conduct business research, data analysis, and report writing.

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Marketing Director

1. Establish and manage the sales team, set sales targets, performance management, and motivate the team to achieve sales goals.

2. Responsible for international market development and management of company products and brand.

3. Plan overseas exhibitions, visits to international clients, product promotion, market development, and maintenance.

4. Familiarity with overseas exhibitions, preferably with experience leading teams in international exhibitions.

5. Proficiency in using international communication platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Alibaba, etc., for business development. 6. Develop comprehensive sales strategies and goals, formulate and organize the implementation of complete sales plans.

1. Bachelor's degree or higher in marketing, international trade, or related fields, with experience in developing major overseas TOB (business-to-business) clients; English proficiency as a working language.

2.Over 5 years of experience in foreign trade sales and team coordination management (preference for new energy, electrical and electronic industries).

3. Familiarity with sales operations of new energy, electrical, and electronic products, possessing substantial client resources, and strong capabilities in major client development and maintenance.

4. Strong leadership and customer relationship management abilities.

5. Demonstrated skills in business expansion, market analysis, product positioning, goal setting, overall management, and business negotiations.

6. Strong logical thinking and excellent communication skills; cheerful disposition, amiable personality, strong team leadership, loyalty, and a strong sense of responsibility.

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Sales Engineer

1. Responsible for lithium battery sales, achieving sales targets according to the sales strategy and maintaining steady business growth.

2. Independently and effectively develop B2B market key accounts (KA) or explore potential needs within KA customers.

3. Visit clients as planned and required, conduct regular follow-ups, establish customer profiles, and maintain strong client relationships.

4. Maintain effective communication with backend departments, follow up on sample production, shipment, and testing.

5. Sign sales contracts with clients, ensure timely and proper contract fulfillment, and follow up on outstanding sales payments.

6. Actively participate in various company sales activities: industry exhibitions, conferences, to understand market demands and provide timely industry feedback.

1. Bachelor's degree or higher, preferably in electronics, marketing, chemistry, or related fields.

2. Priority given to candidates with over 3 years of B2B lithium-ion battery sales and PACK sales experience, possessing major client resources (preferred backgrounds in smart security, electronic components, digital electronics, medical devices, etc.).

3.Passion for sales and sales management, independent business development spirit, strong self-motivation, and goal-oriented mindset.

4. Excellent comprehension, communication, and business negotiation skills, with a customer-oriented approach and innovative problem-solving awareness.

5. Willingness to travel as required.

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Account Manager

1. Responsible for developing and maintaining lithium battery clients to ensure sales targets are met.

2. Monitor regional market trends and client information regularly to compile market analysis reports.

3. Organize and coordinate internal and external resources within the company to convert market and client cooperation opportunities into deliverable outcomes.

4. Fully manage client sales, including demand, shipment, payment collection, CRM system maintenance, etc.

1. Bachelor's degree or higher, any major is acceptable, STEM background preferred.

2. Minimum of 3 years of sales or market development experience; preference for candidates with experience in the new energy or electrical-related industries.

3. Possess excellent communication skills and a strong ability to work in a team.

4. Comfortable with frequent business travel.

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Sales Assistant

1. Project product shipment/return management: Complete the online and offline project product shipment/return process, coordinate with the logistics department, ensuring smooth product delivery to customers.

2. Order delivery management: Respond to order delivery schedules and ensure the execution of order delivery and receipt.

3. In-transit goods and invoicing management: Invoice promptly as per contract agreements, identify and follow up on invoicing anomalies and risks.

4. Receivables management: Follow up on accounts receivable collection according to contract agreements, identify overdue payments, and escalate feedback on reasons for delayed payments.

5. Inventory management: Identify high-risk and stagnant inventory, provide timely solutions, and follow through with their implementation.

6. Complete other tasks assigned by the manager, including drafting and editing relevant reports and documents.

1. Strong sense of responsibility, meticulous, diligent, and proactive with excellent teamwork skills.

2. Proficient in English (good in listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

3. Strong communication skills, excellent verbal expression; experience in order processing is advantageous.

4. Proficient in commonly used office software like Word; familiarity with CRM and ERP systems is preferred.

5. Strong logical thinking, excellent communication, and teamwork skills, coupled with a proactive attitude.

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Electronics Engineer

1. Responsible for lithium battery BMS protection board scheme design, PCB layout, sample debugging, and product specification drafting.

2. Coordinate with structural engineers and software engineers for new project evaluations.

3. Collaborate with software engineers to test, optimize, and improve schemes.

4. Analyze and address hardware issues discovered during product development phases.

1. College degree or above in electronics, communications, automation, or related fields, with over 3 years of experience in electronics-related roles.

2. Familiarity with lithium battery BMS protection board scheme design, expertise in low-power circuit design, experience in lithium battery BMS scheme design is preferred.

3. Knowledgeable about lithium battery charge-discharge characteristics, EMC-related standards, and relevant safety certification requirements.

4. Proficient in electronic component selection, capable of independently designing schemes based on customer requirements.

5. Proficient in using standard EDA software for schematic design and PCB layout.

6. Foundation in analog and digital circuits, familiar with common microcontroller peripheral circuit design.

7. Meticulous and dedicated in work, strong communication skills, team-oriented, and adaptable to assignments.

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PACK Engineer

1. Determine the effectiveness and analyze influencing factors of battery module pack (cylindrical, pouch, aluminum shell) processes, and develop improvement measures.

2. Manage on-site processes to continually enhance production qualification rates and reduce manufacturing costs.

3. Responsible for the integration of module/pack assembly processes (gluing, welding, testing, etc.), developing process flows, creating PFMEA, and compiling technical process specifications.

4. Analyze production process data for module/pack manufacturing to effectively manage and monitor process control points, formulate process and workflow optimization strategies, and enhance process CPK.

5. Provide production technical support for module/pack lines, swiftly analyze and resolve process abnormalities to improve product quality.

6. Responsible for process improvement, product performance enhancement, and cost reduction in manufacturing plants.

7. Conduct thorough inspections on the production site to grasp quality situations; guide and supervise frontline production in addressing technical issues promptly, ensuring implementation of process service tasks.

1. College degree or above, preferably in electrochemistry, materials, mechanical, applied chemistry, or automation.

2. Over three years of experience in lithium-ion battery process-related work.

3. Knowledge of lithium-ion battery manufacturing assembly processes; module, Pack manufacturing, and assembly process expertise.

4. Familiarity with 6 Sigma, experience in DOE (Design of Experiments), SPC (Statistical Process Control), PFMEA, and a certain level of skill.

5. Strong communication, coordination, and stress management skills.

6. Previous experience in module, Pack manufacturing, or assembly-related work is preferred.

7. Proficiency in using drawing software such as CAD, PROE, Solidworks.

8. Ability to understand simple circuit schematics.

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Battery Cell Engineer

1. Development of new battery cell projects and systems.

2. Collection of customer requirements and formulation of project proposals.

3. Establishment of project design parameters and writing of process documents.

4. Conducting Design of Experiments (DOE) and follow-ups.

5. Organizing review processes during the pilot phase.

6. Analyzing and improving production site issues to enhance yield rates.

7. Optimizing production process during mass production and updating related process documents.

8. Formulating solutions and technical reserves for key battery cell-related issues.

9. Regular communication with sales and clients regarding technical issues, providing battery cell technical support.

1. Bachelor's degree or higher in materials, chemistry, or related fields.

2. Over three years of experience in lithium-ion battery design.

3. Proficiency in lithium-ion cell development processes and the application of data analysis tools.

4. Familiarity with various positive and negative electrode material characteristics and lithium-ion battery manufacturing processes.

5. Capability in 5W analysis, understanding of SPC, MSA, FMEA, APQP, PPAP tools.

6. Proficiency in Excel, Word, and other work software, skilled in CAD, ProE, and other drawing software.

7. Resilient, eager to learn, think critically, and summarize effectively.

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After-Sales Engineer

1. Provide technical support to customers pre-sale and resolve post-sale issues through communication.

2. Regularly conduct training and guidance on the professional capabilities of sales personnel to ensure team proficiency.

3. Summarize and report on the "Monthly Pre-sales Issues List" for the sales and engineering departments.

4. Conduct training and technical exchanges within the business department and strategic client base to enhance sales.

5. Assist sales representatives in inquiry consultations and integration of technical solutions.

1. Bachelor's degree or higher, preferably in mechanical automation or power electronics.

2. Fluent in spoken English, capable of daily communication, email responses, and working proficiency in English.

3. Experience in industries such as electronics, electrical, new energy, or smart hardware is preferred.

4. Strong communication skills, interpersonal perceptiveness, logical thinking, and teamwork spirit.

5. Provide pre-sale and post-sale technical support to external sales and handle technical support for overseas clients.

6. Ability to independently resolve post-sale issues for clients.

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