Screwdriver Battery Application

Screwdriver batteries are typically lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, chosen for their high energy density, lightweight design, and rechargeable capabilities, to power electric screwdrivers. These batteries can be recharged and provide continuous power to keep electric screwdrivers running efficiently during use.
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Everything You Need To Know About Screwdrivers Batteries

Many people should have encountered such a scene in their daily lives: they bought a shoe cabinet from the Internet, and after unpacking it, they found that it was full of wooden boards. After careful counting, there were more than thirty screws in total. The package came with a very simple screwdriver. When I mustered up the courage to tighten it to the fifth position, my fingers started to ache. When I screwed it to the tenth position, my fingers became red and swollen. When I screwed it to the fifteenth position, a blister appeared to the naked eye. The visible speed is increasing…

In fact, in addition to installing panel furniture, there are many scenes in our daily lives where we need to occasionally use screwdrivers. Especially when we need to install a large number of screws, electric screwdrivers have become the most time-saving and labor-saving tool.

So it’s actually not a bad thing to have an electric screwdriver at home.

Generally speaking, except for some electric screwdrivers with lower voltages due to their limited rotation speed, electric screwdrivers with higher voltages can also function as hand drills. This undoubtedly greatly expands the applicability of such tools.
Screwdriver Battery

3V electric screwdriver

The main focus of the 3V electric screwdriver is actually small and portable. The 3V mentioned here is actually not accurate. Some 3V 3V electric screwdrivers have two built-in nickel-chromium batteries, and the voltage is 2.4V. There are also three built-in nickel-chromium batteries, and the voltage is 3.6V.

Some products use two AA or AAA dry batteries, with a voltage of 3V. Of course, most of them now use one lithium battery, and the voltage can be marked as 3.7V or 4.2V.

From a practical point of view, this type of low-voltage electric screwdriver generally has low torque and low speed. However, it is small and portable and is very convenient for disassembling and assembling digital products and small household appliances.

7.2V electric screwdriver
7.2V electric screwdrivers generally use an external removable battery design and two lithium battery packs. The standard configuration is a 1.0Ah removable battery. The battery voltage is 7.2V. Most of them should be two 14500 batteries.

Many people may think that the 7.2V electric screwdriver is useless. In fact, 7.2V products are indeed not as abundant as 3V and 12V, but there is always a reason for their existence.

12V electric screwdriver
The 12V electric screwdriver is actually more of a hand drill, and it is also the most widely used.

Objectively speaking, if it is necessary to purchase an electric screwdriver at home, it is recommended that one with this voltage range is the most appropriate and practical.

The standard battery of the 12V electric screwdriver is 1.5Ah 10.8V, which should be a combination of three 3.6V lithium batteries. Generally three lithium battery packs. Some brands label it 10.8V. There are also some labeled 12V.

The 12V electric screwdriver is compatible with higher-capacity battery packs, such as 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah battery packs. 12V electric screwdrivers basically use self-locking chucks with a diameter of 10mm, which can be adapted to different drill bits and bits.

20V electric screwdriver
The 20V electric screwdriver is a professional power tool. Moreover, within this voltage range, the function of the electric screwdriver is greatly weakened, mainly the function of the electric hand drill. Of course, there are also products for professional screw tightening, but they are called electric screwdrivers and electric wrenches.

In our lives, electric screwdrivers can be said to be the most frequently used power tools. Electric screwdrivers play an irreplaceable role in disassembly and assembly. Even girls with weak strength can use them flexibly.

Among hand hardware tools, the screwdriver is one of the most commonly used tools. To save labor time and physical strength, the electric screwdriver was invented. The birth of the electric screwdriver was a revolutionary event in hand tools.

How to maintain and care for an electric screwdriver

During the use of electric screwdrivers, maintenance is the basis for ensuring normal use. If the user understands some relevant maintenance knowledge, the life of the electric screwdriver can be extended more effectively.

1. Electric screwdrivers must be maintained on time. When the torque of the electric screwdriver is too small and cannot be used, stop immediately and replace it with an electric screwdriver with a larger torque;

2. When the electric screwdriver does not rotate, the screwdriver head easily falls off, the screwdriver speed is not smooth, or the screwdriver does not stop automatically, it should be sent for repair in time to ensure that it can continue to be used next time;

3. When pulling out the electric screwdriver and the matching electrical box plug, the base of the plug should be used as the force point and the wire should not be pulled hard;

How to choose the right electric screwdriver

If the usage environment is mostly at home, and the diameter of the screws to be tightened is small (below M6), a straight-handled or gun-straight dual-purpose screwdriver is recommended. They are small in size, easy to carry, and suitable for most situations. Some closets can also be used in small environments.

If the screws that need to be screwed are large or small, and some flat drilling functions are also needed. Want to use a multi-purpose screwdriver and drill machine? It is recommended to use a gun-type electric screwdriver of 10.8v or above. A torque of about 30n can produce most of the torque and can also drill some thin plate materials with low hardness.

The screws are large in size and in large quantities. It is not recommended to use an electric screwdriver. You can replace it with an electric wrench with a lower voltage, which will be more efficient.
It is strictly prohibited to hit electric screwdrivers;

1. If the electric screwdriver shakes greatly during operation, it must be stopped to avoid further damage to the electric screwdriver;

2. Press the start button. When the electric screwdriver cannot rotate due to too small torque, you should pay attention to the situation and should not exceed ten seconds to avoid damaging the electric motor in the electric screwdriver;

3. When using electric screwdrivers, you must pay attention. Screws of different specifications should correspond to electric screwdrivers with different torque ranges.

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