What Is Sensicc?

Sensicc Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise from South Korea dedicated to integrating women’s beauty and services.

Sensicc’s products include oxygen-injection and hydration devices, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging beauty devices, pulse hair removal devices, and other classic products.

Users say that Sensicc adheres to the craftsmanship spirit of the brand’s careful creation. The product looks good, is affordable, and easy to use. Compared with those exaggeratedly priced beauty equipment, it is more practical. It is more like a small and practical product for hydrating, cleaning, and introducing essence skin care.

oxygen injection beauty instrument

The Challenge

The Oxygen Injection Beauty Instrument is a newly developed product by Sensicc that uses high-pressure nano-oxygen injection technology to directly deliver moisture to the basal layer of the skin to help deeply hydrate the skin. Because the batteries of the previous battery supplier were prone to insufficient battery power and capacity, the batteries were prone to inflation, and the motors often lost power, which caused great trouble in the use of the product. After comparing multiple lithium battery manufacturers, Sensicc chose Ufine Battery, which has many years of experience in the lithium battery industry, to solve this problem.

battery swelling icon

Battery Bloating

Overcharging causes excess gas, leading to bloating.

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Prone to Water Leakage

High humidity allows moisture to enter the instrument through pores or interfaces.

equipment failure icon

Motor Power Cut-off

Overloading or exceeding rated power triggers protection, cutting off power to prevent damage.

Finding A Solution

Ufine conducted repeated and careful research on Sensicc’s oxygen-injection beauty device, found the cause of the problem, and customized a battery solution specifically for this product.

1. The main reason for the bloating of the battery of the oxygen injection meter may be that the battery is overcharged and exceeds its designed voltage range, which will cause excessive gas to be produced inside the battery, causing bloating.

Moreover, the battery cell itself has poor overcharge resistance, and it is easy to inflate when the voltage exceeds 4.25V. Therefore, when Ufine produces the 7.4V 650mAh 102428-2S battery, the cells are first assigned and paired after production, aged, and tested for K value to ensure that the voltage and capacity are consistent when the two cells are paired together. And improve the overcharge resistance of a single battery, so that even if a single cell is charged to 4.25V, it will not cause inflation.

2. When the oxygen injection meter is used in an environment with high humidity, such as in humid places or places with a lot of water vapor, moisture can easily penetrate into the instrument through the pores or interfaces. Ufine uses a protective board glued battery and a double-layer PVC waterproof design to eliminate water seepage.

3. When the motor is running, if the load is too large or exceeds the rated power of the motor, the overload protection mechanism will be triggered. This will cause the motor to lose power to prevent damage. At this time, the oxygen injection meter can not be used normally. To solve this problem, Ufine engineers replaced the PCB used in the battery and increased overcurrent protection to allow the motor to operate normally.

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I am extremely pleased with Ufine’s battery solution for our oxygen injection meter. With their improved batteries, we have successfully resolved the issues of battery swelling and water leakage. The extended battery life has significantly improved our product quality, resulting in a remarkable 30% increase in sales. Ufine’s solution has been instrumental in our success.

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Product Manager

Successful Outcomes We’ve Reached

After Sensicc used Ufine’s improved battery, the product no longer suffered from battery bloating and water leakage. The oxygen injection meter can be used for a long time, and the quality of customer products has been improved. After the above problems were improved, Sensicc’s oxygen injection meter sales increased by 30% compared with before.

Currently, Sensicc has cooperated with Ufine for three years, and the defective ratio is within one ten-thousandth.

Safety icon

Moisture Influence Eliminated

 Improved product withstands humidity, ensuring a better experience.

increased service life icon

Extended Product Life Cycle

The product life cycle has been upgraded from 2 years to 4 years.

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Stable Equipment Operation

No bloating issues, improved reliability.

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