What Is LeBaby

LeBaby is a brand from Germany, with the mission of assisting mothers around the world to give birth to healthy and smart babies. It is committed to producing a series of maternal, infant, and parent-child products.

LeBaby is a mid-to-high-end brand in the maternal and infant industry. Since its establishment, LeBaby has been striving to treat users with high-quality products and better services and is deeply loved by the majority of users. To make it more convenient for more people to buy this product, LeBaby has also opened several official online stores and flagship stores on the Internet to provide consumers with more choices.

electric milk powder bottle

The Challenge

The electric milk powder bottle is a newly developed product by LeBaby Company to assist in adding and measuring milk. Because the previous battery supplier was unable to meet the needs of LeBaby’s electric milk powder bottle in terms of battery power, capacity, and supporting wireless charging modules. After comparing multiple lithium battery suppliers, LeBaby chose Ufine as the battery supplier for electric milk powder bottles to solve this technical problem.

Motor Stuck icon

Motor Stuck

Insufficient protection delay of battery PCB leads to startup motor failure

Insufficient Battery Life icon

Insufficient Battery Life

Unreasonable battery rate design limits capacity utilization

Insufficient Power icon

Insufficient Power

Low-power wireless charging module: Inadequate charging power fails to meet the battery’s standard current

Finding a Solution

After Ufine’s battery engineers received LeBaby’s electric milk powder bottle that was not working properly, they conducted an analysis of the cause of the problem and specially customized a lithium battery solution suitable for this product after a research meeting with the technical team.

1.The main reason for the phenomenon of the electric milk bottle getting stuck when starting up may be that the battery PCB takes a protective action at the moment when the motor is started, causing the battery to be unable to continue output, thus causing the motor to get stuck.

Ufine’s battery engineer used an oscilloscope to test the battery and captured the maximum peak operating current and peak time. Then compare the current and peak time to determine the battery protection circuit parameters. After modifying the configuration, the motor no longer jammed.

2. The main reason for the insufficient battery life of the electric milk powder bottle is the rate of the battery core, that is, the discharge capacity design is unreasonable. When the electric milk powder is working, because the current is too large and the battery rate design is not enough, the voltage drops more, causing the voltage to be lower than the working voltage of the motor, and the motor will stop working. But there is still more than 20% capacity in the battery that can not be used.

Therefore, UFine’s battery cell engineers designed a battery that can discharge at a rate of 3C but maintain the same capacity. After a series of tests, the overall working time of battery discharge was increased by more than 50%. Thanks to the increased battery rate, battery energy can be used better without increasing the cost.

3. The wireless charging speed is too slow. The main reason is that the wireless charging working rate is too small. Because previous batteries could only meet 0.2C charging, the charging circuit was designed to take more than 5 hours to charge. The lithium battery improved by UFine can be charged at 1C to 2C. After changing the charging module, the battery can be fully charged in 1 to 2 hours.

finding a solution PC
finding a solution mobile

With Ufine’s improved batteries, we have successfully eliminated motor jamming and significantly increased the battery life from 30 to nearly 50 minutes. The fast charging speed meets our customers’ needs, and our website sales have skyrocketed. Ufine’s solution has truly transformed our product and restored customer confidence.



Product Manager

Successful Outcomes We’ve Reached

LeBaby uses Ufine’s improved battery, and the product no longer has motor jamming. The battery life of the electric milk powder bottle has been increased from the previous 30 minutes to nearly 50 minutes. The charging speed can meet the needs of fast charging. Sales of LeBaby’s electric milk powder bottles have increased rapidly on the website, gradually eliminating the negative impact of the previous battery supplier.

50% Increase in Battery Life icon

50% Increase in Battery Life

The electric milk powder bottle’s working time is extended at no additional cost.

Fast Charging icon

Fast Charging

Electric milk powder bottle battery charges in 2 hours instead of 5.

Stable work icon

Stable Operation

No motor stuck issues, improved user experience.

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