What Is AU?

South Korea’s AU Company is a company specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of GPS trackers. As an industry-leading GPS trackers supplier, AU Company is committed to providing customers with high-quality and reliable positioning solutions.

AU Company has an experienced and skilled R&D team that constantly pursues innovation and technological breakthroughs. AU’s products cover many fields such as vehicle tracker, personnel trackers, pet locators, etc., meeting the needs of different customers.

The GPS trackers provide customers with accurate positioning functions, can track target locations in real-time, and provide detailed location information. At the same time, the GPS tracker also has a variety of functions, such as electronic fences, historical track playback, remote monitoring, etc., providing users with a full range of positioning services.

GPS tracker

The Challenge

The pet GPS tracker is a newly developed product for pet positioning developed by AU Company.

However, the previous lithium battery supplier had problems with battery power, battery capacity, etc., which resulted in insufficient battery life for the tracker . At the same time, due to the large size of the battery, the size of the GPS locator can not be reduced. After comparing multiple lithium battery manufacturers, AU chose Ufine as the battery supplier for the pet GPS locator product. 

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Short Battery Life

Low capacity leads to quick power consumption, reducing battery life.

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Limited Tracker Space

The pet GPS tracker has a small size and restricted battery compartment space.

Finding A Solution

After Ufine conducted a comprehensive and careful analysis of AU’s GPS tracker, it found the cause of the problem and gave a reasonable battery solution.

1. The main reason for the short battery life of the pet GPS tracker is that when the battery capacity is low, the device consumes power relatively quickly during use, resulting in a shorter battery life. Therefore, Ufine uses pure cobalt to make lithium battery cells. Adopting a high voltage system, the nominal voltage reaches 3.85V. The battery capacity is increased from the existing battery size. The energy of the battery has been increased by more than 20%, increasing the product’s battery life.

2. The pet GPS tracker is small in size, but the battery sizes of other battery suppliers vary greatly, so it is difficult to put it into the battery compartment. Ufine reduces battery work errors as much as possible and rationally optimizes the design of the protective board. When two batteries are assembled in parallel, the space lost due to the placement of the protective board is reduced, and the effective space utilization of the battery is improved. The optimized battery’s space utilization has increased by 5% based on the original.

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Ufine’s lithium battery solution for our GPS tracker at AU has been outstanding. As the product manager, I am delighted with the remarkable 60-minute increase in battery life, surpassing other products in the market. The smaller, lighter design has enhanced portability and significantly improved the competitiveness of our pet GPS tracker .

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Product Manager

Successful Outcomes We’ve Reached

After using Ufine’s battery, the battery life of AU’s GPS tracker has been increased by 60 minutes, greatly surpassing other similar products on the market. Moreover, the product is smaller, lighter, and easier to carry. This enhances the competitiveness of AU’s GPS trackers in the market.

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Increased Usage Time

GPS tracker battery life extended by 60 mins, reducing charging frequency, and enhancing customer experience.

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Smaller & Convenient

Optimized battery makes GPS tracker lighter, smaller, and easier to hang on a pet’s neck, reducing neck burden.

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