What Is Rollei?

Rollei is a German company that manufactures optical products. Rollei has been committed to developing and producing high-quality optical products to provide excellent visual experiences to customers around the world. Rollei is the most legendary and well-known brand in the industry.

Their products are famous for their excellent optical performance, precise manufacturing processes, and reliable product quality. They leave a deep impression on every user and are recognized and loved by many consumers.

pocket light

The Challenge

The pocket light is a newly developed lamp by Rollei specially designed for photography or online celebrity live broadcasts. Because the internal space of the lamp is limited, the original working time was less than 4 hours. Considering that the photography or live broadcast process takes a long time, Rollei contacted Ufine Battery and needed to customize a lithium battery that is small in size, has a long battery life, is safe and stable, and can charge quickly.

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Short Battery Life

The original battery lasts less than 4 hours.

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Slow Charging

Pocket light takes 3 hours to charge.

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Bulky Lamp

Pocket lights should be smaller and more convenient for customers.

Finding A Solution

Based on Rollei’s requirements, Ufine carefully studied analyzed, and designed a battery solution tailored for the customer.

1. Customize the size according to the limited space inside the lamp, and cleverly use the battery outlet method to design. Make reasonable use of all the internal space of the product, increasing the space utilization rate by 20%.

2. Adopting a high-capacity density solution and using the 811 high-capacity system, the overall battery energy density reaches 550Wh/L. Coupled with the full utilization of the battery size, the capacity of the new battery is increased by 50% based on the previous one. The battery’s operating time reaches Rollei’s requirement of 5 hours.

3. To increase the charging speed of the battery, Ufine’s battery engineers improved the internal structure of the battery and used multi-pole methods to reduce the internal resistance of the battery, improve the fast charging capability of the battery, and reduce the constant voltage charging time of the battery. This makes lithium batteries The charging speed has been reduced from more than 3 hours to a full charge in 1 hour.

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Ufine’s customized lithium batteries for Rollei pocket lights have exceeded our expectations. With a smaller form factor, faster charging capabilities, and extended battery life, our products have reached new heights of performance. We are grateful for Ufine’s expertise and the positive impact it has had on our customers’ experience.

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Product Engineer

Successful Outcomes We’ve Reached

After Rollei uses Ufine’s customized battery, the product has a battery life of more than 5 hours. The charging speed is faster, and the performance is very stable during use. more importantly. Customers spoke highly of Rollei’s pocket lights, which further increased product sales.

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20% Volume Reduction

Increased battery space utilization, and stable discharge.

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Extended Battery Life

Battery life Increased from 4 hours to over 5 hours.

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Fast Charging

Reduced charging time from 3 hours to 1 hour.

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