Ufine organizes annual fire safety training and fire emergency rehearsal

On June 10th, Guangdong Ufine New Energy held its annual fire safety training and fire emergency rehearsal. The purpose of this activity was to improve the fire safety awareness and emergency response capabilities of all employees and ensure the safety of personnel and company property.

Fire safety training

In the morning, fire safety training was provided to the employees of key jobs. The training mainly covered the types, methods, and cautions of fire-fighting equipment, the causes and prevention of fire, fire emergency rescue procedures, and safe evacuation knowledge. Through the training, all employees gained a more clear understanding of fire safety and enhanced their ability to respond to sudden fires.

Fire emergency drill

In the afternoon, the company conducted a fire emergency rehearsal. The rehearsal was divided into three parts: alarm, evacuation, and fire extinguishing. When the alarm sounded, all employees immediately took action and evacuated in an orderly manner according to pre-established emergency routes and methods. During the evacuation process, employees strictly followed safety standards to evacuate and escape, so that there was no jam or chaos. It developed self-awareness and organizational discipline for personnel in this event.

fire emergency drill

Next, the rehearsal moved to the fire extinguishing stage. Professional firefighters used fire extinguishers to put out the fire with other employees assisting on the side. In the rehearsal, the fire department quickly controlled the fire and put it out. After the rehearsal, the company's management team summarized this rehearsal and addressed some issues in the emergency response process, which would improve the company's emergency response capability.

ufine annual fire drill

Lithium battery safety production

This activity was an important step for Ufine to strengthen fire safety management and raise employee safety awareness, and also a concrete action for Ufine to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. Through this activity, all employees gained a deep understanding of the importance and necessity of fire safety, enhanced their emergency response capabilities, and laid a solid foundation for the safety and stable development of Ufine New Energy.

As an excellent polymer lithium battery enterprise, Ufine New Energy always regards fire safety as the top priority of company production and operation. Only by ensuring the safety of production can we provide customers with better lithium battery products and make them more satisfied. Therefore, we have to attach great importance to fire safety work, constantly improve fire facilities strengthen the training of fire personnel, and ensure there’s an effective response to accidents such as fires at any time to protect staff and the company’s property. At the same time, we also encourage employees to enhance safety awareness, consciously comply with company safety regulations, and jointly maintain the safety and stable development of the company.

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