Ufine Showcases Cutting-Edge Lithium Battery Innovations at CIBF 2023

CIBF 2023

The 15th China International Battery Technology Exchange & Exhibition (CIBF 2023), an esteemed event focusing on global power and energy storage solutions, was held from May 16-18 at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Leading companies including Ufine exhibited their latest achievements and comprehensive strength in various fields such as lithium battery technology innovation, product features, quality control, and production equipment updates.

cibf 2023

CIBF 2023, organized by the China Industrial Association of Power Sources, featured a wide array of power batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries, charging and swapping equipment, hydrogen fuel cells, battery materials, production machinery, and other state-of-the-art technologies essential for the new energy transition. Particularly noteworthy are China’s accomplishments in adopting these innovations across various sectors such as passenger cars, buses, logistic vehicles, heavy trucks, and ships in recent years.customers at ufine booth

Ufine customized lithium battery solution

At this exhibition, Ufine presented its most advanced research outcomes alongside customized lithium battery services characterized by rapid delivery capabilities. Their cutting-edge products include ultra-low-temperature lithium batteries capable of achieving 1C fast discharge with over 85% efficiency even in -40°C environments, ultra-thin variant batteries with a minimum thickness of just 0.5mm, and long-life high-temperature LiFePO4 batteries that can maintain 80% capacity retention after 1000 charge-discharge cycles at 60°C.

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The exhibition attracted attention from government officials and businesses alike. Many engaged in interactive discussions or broached prospects for partnership with the company's representatives. This participation not only elevated Ufine’s influence within the industry but also fostered multidimensional exchanges and collaborations with enterprises across the supply chain.

ufine at international battery fair

In line with the Party's 20th National Congress directives, Ufine will continue to emphasize original technology research and development while seizing new energy market opportunities. By delivering high-quality services to businesses within the sector, the company aims to facilitate its own progress and contribute significantly towards achieving China’s ambitious "dual carbon" strategy goals.

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