Best 10 12v Li Ion Battery Pack Manufacturers 2024

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A 12v li ion battery pack is famous for multiple electrical applications. It is a demand product as most devices support 12 volt battery power. Suppose you are curious to know the top 10 12v li ion battery pack manufacturers before making any purchase. This guide will put you on the right track by exploring the best 12v li ion battery pack manufacturer.

Part 1.12v li ion battery pack overview

The demand for a 12v li ion battery pack is increasing steadily with time. Basically, it is a composition of small multiple li-ion cells joined together in series to make a 12v li ion battery pack. A 12v li ion battery pack has some following features.

  • It has a longer lifespan of up to 4,000 cycles.
  • It can charge very fast and ready to use.
  • A 12v li ion battery pack is lighter than that of traditional batteries.
  • BMS works as a safety barrier for overcharge and over-discharge.
  • It is a maintenance-free battery.

Having multiple advantages a 12v li ion battery pack is a preferred choice for electric vehicles, backup power systems, marine equipment, off-grid power stations, solar power storage, and many more.

Part 2. Top 10 12V li ion battery pack manufacturers 2024

Now it’s time to take a look at the top 10 12v li ion battery pack manufacturers in 2024. This will help in deciding on a 12v li ion battery pack.

1. Panasonic Corporation


Company Profile

Konosuke Matsushita established Panasonic in 1918 in Kadoma. It is currently operating worldwide having headquarters in Kadoma, Osaka Japan. The company has grown into the world’s leading electronic manufacturer, with over 230 companies and around 290,493 employees. It has shown a strong presence in industrial devices, consumer electronics, and automotive systems. In the last year, the company has made 8.38 trillion sales with 524 distributed companies.

Main Business

Panasonic’s business portfolio is very diverse. It includes audio-visual equipment, automotive electronics, development and manufacturing of home appliances, and also battery solutions. It is part of the research and development initiative to make advancements in battery technology

12V Li ion Battery Pack Features

  • High energy density
  • Auto Battery Balancing
  • Smart connectivity through the app
  • Advance BMS module

2. LG Chem

lg chem

Company Profile

LG Chem is a company based in Seoul, South Korea. The company has 8 factories in South Korea and operates in 15 countries with 29 networks. Moreover, LG Chem has two R&D centers aiming to develop more advanced technology and batteries. The company has 40 production plants in three continents: Asia, America, and Europe. Last year, the company made a $37.3 billion sale with around 18,800 employees power.

Main Business

LG Chem has three main business areas, including petrochemicals, advanced materials, and life sciences; LG Chem also manufactures 12v li on battery packs for automotive and energy storage. It has currently 16 branches in China, 5 in Vietnam, 2 in Indonesia, 3 in India, 2 in Malaysia, and 1 in Singapore, Japan, and Thailand.

12V Li ion Battery Pack Features

  • High power Delivery
  • Backed by more battery safety certifications
  • Fast charging capability
  • 10-year battery warranty

3. Ufine Battery


Company Profile

Ufine Battery is a leading custom lithium battery manufacturer in China with an excellent reputation and rich experience in the industry. Ufine’s diverse product range includes lithium polymer batteries, lithium-ion batteries, 18650 batteries, and LiFePO4 batteries, demonstrating Ufine’s specialization in custom battery solutions.

Compared with other well-known companies, Ufine Battery is less well-known. But its biggest feature is that it supports customization. This is profit-friendly for some small and medium-sized enterprises and companies with some customized needs. And the price is very cost-effective.

  • High energy density
  • Long cycle life
  • Professional design, fast sample
  • Custom lithium battery, perfect fit
  • Complete certification, safer

Main Business

  • Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • Special Shaped Battery
  • High Rate Discharge Battery
  • High Temperature Lithium Battery
  • Low Temperature Battery
  • Ultra Thin Battery
  • Li-ion 18650 Battery
  • Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery
  • LiFePO4 Battery

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and scalable production capabilities, Ufine Battery is able to efficiently and reliably produce custom lithium batteries of various sizes, capacities and voltages.

Ufine Battery attaches great importance to quality and compliance, and adheres to strict standards and regulations to ensure the reliability and safety of Ufine batteries.

In addition, Ufine’s dedicated customer support and service team ensures a seamless experience for customers, providing expert guidance, technical assistance and responsive services. Ufine Battery offers competitive prices and excellent value, making it a trusted partner for businesses seeking high-quality custom lithium batteries.

4. Samsung SDI


Company Profile

Samsung SDI has headquarters in Yongin Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The company started to operate in 1970. It has two battery plants in South Korea and four more in different countries, including the United States, Malaysia, China, and Hungary. Currently, Samsung SDI is collaborating with Hundayi Motor to supply square batteries for Hundayi Motor Electric Vehicles.

Main Business

Samsung SDI operates in the Electronic Material segment and Energy Solutions. The Energy Solution segment makes rechargeable batteries including 12v li ion battery packs for IT devices and automotive. At the same time, Energy Storage Systems (ESS) produces materials for semiconductors and displays.

12V Li ion Battery Pack Features

  • High energy density
  • Excellent safety and reliability
  • Long lifespan of 3,500 cycles
  • High power output

5. BYD Company Limited


Company Profile

BYD is a Chinese company that has headquarters in Shenzhen. Wang Chuanfu was the person who founded the company in 1995. The BYD stands for “Build Your Dreams,” as the company aims to create a sustainable future through innovative energy technology. The company has become a global leader in electric vehicle development and manufacturing. It has 30 industrial parks worldwide. BYD is building a zero-emission energy solution by investing 100 billion RMB.

Main Business

BYD does multiple businesses including eclectic vehicle manufacturing, renewable energy, electronic components, and battery solutions. It manufactures batteries from small lithium batteries to 12v li ion battery packs.

12V Li ion Battery Pack Features

  • High safety standards
  • Long cycle life
  • Better Heat management
  • Compatible with most applications

6. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL)


Company Profile

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) is headquartered in Ningde, Fujian, China founded in 2011. It is part of lithium-ion battery development and manufacturing for electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems. In such a short time, CATL has rapidly grown to become one of the most influential companies in the battery industry, driven by its commitment to innovation and sustainability. In 2022, the company got first rank, having a 37% market share of power battery usage.

Main Business

CATL’s main businesses are manufacturing electric vehicle batteries, energy storage solutions, designing battery management systems (BMS), and research and development. Moreover, the company aims to provide batteries for every electric device including 12v li ion battery packs for electric vehicles.

12V Li ion Battery Pack Features

  • High energy density
  • Low-temperature heating system
  • 4,000+ cycle life
  • Superior safety features

7. Tesla, Inc.


Company Profile

Tesla has a headquarters in Palo Alto, California. In 2003, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning started the company. However, later on, Elon Musk joined the company. Due to the revolutionization of electric vehicles, Tesla became a renowned company. Besides this, Tesla also manufactures energy storage solutions for advanced batteries with a long life span and the ability to charge faster than others.

Main Business

Tesla’s got its reputation in electric vehicles. However, it has three main businesses, including the production of electric vehicles, solar energy products, and energy storage solutions. The company manufactures batteries for its electric vehicles and several electrical appliances.

12V Li ion Battery Pack Features

  • Longer warranty of upto ten years
  • Long lifespan with 5,000 at 80% DoD
  • Fast charging capability
  • Advanced safety features

8. A123 Systems

a123 systems

Company Profile

A123 Systems’s headquarter is in Livonia, Michigan, of the United States. The company started its operations in 2001, and Yet-Ming Chiang, Bart Riley, and Ric Fulop were pioneers of the company. A123 Systems is a leader in providing high-quality lithium batteries for multiple applications. Moreover, the company is committed to providing high-quality batteries. So 12v li ion battery pack is the best example of A123 Systems’ dedication to delivering reliable, efficient, and safe energy storage options for diverse applications.

Main Business

The main focus of A123 Systems is to provide high-performance batteries for transportation, industrial and commercial applications. It is also working on providing consumers with budget-friendly batteries.

12V Li ion Battery Pack Features

  • High power output
  • Long cycle life
  • Superior thermal management
  • Fast charging

9. Saft Batteries

saft batteries 

Company Profile

Saft is a subsidiary company of TotalEnergies, SE. ItIts headquarters is in Levallois-Perret, France. It was founded in 1918 and has a long history of innovation in battery technology. The sole purpose of Saft is to design and manufacture batteries of all types. It develops chargeable and non-rechargeable batteries made of lithium, nickel, and other technologies.

Main Business

Saft’s main business is to manufacture batteries for various appliances. It makes 12v li ion battery packs for transportation, high power batteries for industrial use, high capacity batteries for energy storage systems, and also for aerospace and defense.

12V Li ion Battery Pack Features

  • High reliability
  • Can charge in 1 hour
  • Multi-purpose usability
  • LED battery indicator

10. Johnson Controls International

johnson controls international

Company Profile

Johnson Controls International, founded in 1885, has headquarters in Cork, Ireland. It is a multi-industrial company that has an impact on building efficient and reliable automotive batteries. Moreover, the company operates on six continents with more than 2,000 locations. Having 139 years of history, people have great trust in the company’s products.

Main Business

Johnson Controls focuses on building efficiency, automotive batteries, and energy storage solutions.

12V Li ion Battery Pack Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Bluetooth connectivity and monitoring
  • Long cycle life
  • BMS 15+ protections


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