XT90 VS EC5 Connectors: Which is Better for Your Battery?

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Which connector is better, XT90 or EC5? When it comes to the electrical connection of your battery, choosing the suitable connector is critical for optimal performance and safety. In this article, we will compare and analyze the XT90 and EC5 connectors to help you determine which connector is better for your battery needs.

Part 1. What are XT90 connectors?

xt90 connectors

Many people widely recognize the robust design and reliable performance of the XT90 connector. It features a bullet-style connector with a secure, anti-spark design, making it ideal for high-current applications. The connector’s housing is made of heat-resistant materials, ensuring durability and minimizing the risk of overheating during intense usage. People commonly use XT90 connectors in various applications, including RC vehicles, drones, and electric bicycles.

Part 2. XT90 Connectors Advantages

High Durability

XT90 connectors are renowned for their robustness, ensuring long-lasting application performance. The sturdy construction prevents damage from vibration, impact, and harsh environmental conditions.

Secure Connection

 XT90 connectors feature a reliable locking mechanism that ensures a secure connection between male and female plugs. This prevents accidental disconnections, especially in high-vibration environments or during intense usage.


We design XT90 connectors to be compatible with a wide range of devices and battery types, offering versatility in usage. Whether it’s RC vehicles, drones, or power tools, these connectors provide seamless compatibility.

Ease of Use

With their ergonomic design and user-friendly construction, XT90 connectors are easy to install and remove. The intuitive plug-and-play nature simplifies setup and maintenance tasks, saving time and effort.

Heat Resistance

The engineering team designs XT90 connectors to withstand high temperatures generated during heavy-duty operations. This heat resistance prevents melting or deformation of the connectors, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding conditions.

High Current Handling

XT90 connectors can handle high currents, making them suitable for power-hungry devices and applications.

Part 3. What are EC5 connectors?

ec5 connectors

EC5 connectors are another popular choice for battery connections, especially in the RC hobbyist community. These connectors provide a reliable and efficient solution for high-current applications. The EC5 connector features a compact design with gold-plated connectors, ensuring low resistance and efficient power transfer.

Part 4. EC5 Connectors Advantages

Secure Connection

One of the critical advantages of EC5 connectors is their secure locking mechanism, which prevents accidental disconnections. This feature is particularly crucial in high-vibration environments or during rigorous activities such as RC racing or aerial photography with drones.

Ease of Installation

The design of EC5 connectors facilitates easy installation, even for users with minimal technical expertise. The plug-and-play design ensures a hassle-free setup process, saving time and effort during installation and maintenance tasks.


EC5 connectors are widely compatible with various devices and battery types, offering versatility to users across different applications. Whether RC cars, boats, airplanes, or drones, these connectors provide seamless compatibility for powering your equipment.

Heat Resistance

The engineering team designs EC5 connectors to withstand high temperatures generated during prolonged use or rapid charging. This heat resistance prevents overheating and melting, ensuring your electronic devices safe and reliable operation.


EC5 connectors are widely available in the market, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, ensuring easy access for consumers. This widespread availability makes it convenient for users to purchase and replace connectors as needed.

Low Resistance

The gold-plated EC5 connectors minimize resistance, improving power delivery and reducing energy loss.

Compact Size

EC5 connectors are relatively small compared to other connectors, allowing space-saving installations.

Part 5. Which is better, EC5 or XT90?

Size and Shape

XT90 connectors are typically larger and bulkier compared to EC5 connectors. This larger size offers better handling and grip, especially for users with larger hands or gloves. On the other hand, EC5 connectors are more compact and lightweight, making them suitable for applications where space is limited or weight is a concern.


XT90 connectors are compatible with a wide range of devices and battery types, offering versatility in usage. EC5 connectors, while versatile, may not be as widely compatible as XT90 connectors due to their smaller size and lower current rating.

Locking Mechanism

XT90 and EC5 connectors feature a secure locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnections. However, the locking mechanism of XT90 connectors is often considered more robust and accessible to engage and disengage, providing added peace of mind during operation.

Ease of Installation

EC5 connectors are generally easier to install and remove compared to XT90 connectors, especially in tight spaces or when working with more miniature connectors. The compact size and more straightforward design of EC5 connectors make them more user-friendly in specific applications.

Heat Resistance

XT90 connectors are known for their excellent heat resistance, allowing them to withstand high temperatures generated during heavy-duty operations. While EC5 connectors are also heat resistant, they may not be as capable of handling extreme temperatures as XT90 connectors.


Both XT90 and EC5 connectors are widely available in the market, ensuring easy access for consumers. Hobbyists and professionals in the RC and drone communities may more commonly find XT90 connectors in stores catering to their needs, owing to their larger size and higher current rating.

Current Handling Capacity

The XT90 connector excels in high-current applications and can handle currents up to 90A. On the other hand, EC5 connectors can typically handle currents up to 60A. If your battery demands high current output, the XT90 connector would be preferable.

Part 6. FAQs

  • What is the current rating of the EC5 battery connector?

    The current rating of the EC5 battery connector is typically around 120 amps.
  • What is the rating of the XT90 connector?

    The rating of the XT90 connector is generally higher, usually around 90 to 120 amps.
  • Is XT90 compatible with EC5?

    No, XT90 connectors are not directly compatible with EC5 connectors due to differences in size and shape.
  • What is the use of the EC5 connector?

    People primarily use the EC5 connector for connecting batteries to electronic devices, especially in applications requiring moderate to high power output, such as RC vehicles, drones, and power tools.
  • What are XT90 connectors used for?

    People commonly use XT90 connectors for similar purposes as EC5 connectors, namely for connecting batteries to electronic devices in applications requiring high power output. They are popular in the RC hobbyist community for use with larger RC vehicles and drones and in other high-power applications such as electric skateboards and electric bikes.


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