What’s Best Ultra-thin Lithium Polymer Battery?


그리고 Ultra-thin lithium polymer battery has a versatile nature. It is now becoming more and more in demand. As a result, its market will experience tremendous growth between 2024 and 2031. They are well-known for their thinness. They are between 0.4 and 2.9 mm thick. An ultra-thin lipo battery is typically used to power small electronic devices. These mini-electronic gadgets include smart cards, information cards, smart shoes, and smart belts. So, let’s discuss how an ultra-thin lithium polymer battery works. We will also shed light on the main components of super slim lithium batteries.

Part 1. What is an ultra-thin lithium polymer battery?

Unlike normal lithium-ion batteries, Ultra-thin lithium polymer batteries do not contain liquid electrolytes. They have polymer electrolytes. A thin-film lithium polymer battery has an average voltage of 3.7V. This battery is as slim as a piece of paper. It has a high energy density. A thin lithium polymer battery is used in radio frequency identification devices, medical devices, portable sensors, etc.

Part 2. Ultra-thin lithium polymer battery key features

You might wonder why the ultra-thin lithium battery is gaining popularity each day. This is due to the following features:

1. Improved Safety

The thin lithium polymer battery has better safety features than other lithium batteries. They lessen the risk of overcharging, short circuit, and over-discharging. Moreover, they are also less prone to fire and explosion. Their polymer electrolyte is at a lower risk of leakage. So, the smartphone industry now prefers ultra-thin lithium polymer batteries over normal batteries.

2. High-Specific Energy

A thin lithium polymer battery has a low internal resistance. So, the specific energy of a thin lithium polymer battery is very high. Due to this feature, ultra-thin lithium battery is also referred to as high energy ultra-thin battery.

3. Lightweight and Flexibility

This ultra-slim battery pack is very flexible. So, the ultra-thin flexible battery can easily fit in uneven shapes. We can mold these batteries according to the shape of the material that carries them. Additionally, lithium-ion batteries are lighter in weight.

4. Lower Self-Discharge Rate

Ultra-thin lithium polymer batteries have a lower self-discharge rate. This means that they can be charged and recharged quickly. Moreover, they can retain their charging for a longer period.

Part 3. Ultra-thin lithium polymer battery components

After discussing the features of the ultra-thin lithium polymer battery, let’s talk about the components of ultra-thin lithium polymer batteries. It comprises of a positive and a negative electrode. The ultra-thin battery contains a solid polymer electrolyte, polyethylene oxide (PEO). This electrolyte facilitates the transfer of lithium ions between the anode and cathode.

The separator is another key component of the thinnest battery. It is a thin, porous membrane that physically separates the cathode from the anode. Additionally, a current collector facilitates the movement of electrons between the external circuit and the electrodes. The ultra-thin lipo battery includes a protection system. As a result, the protection system ensures the efficient working of lithium polymer batteries.

Part 4. How ultra-thin lithium polymer battery work

So, you might be curious about the workings of ultra-thin polymer batteries. Let us deal with this query: how does the ultra-thin lithium polymer battery work?

how ultra thin lithium polymer battery work

It works exactly similarly to other batteries. It transforms chemical energy into electrical energy. Its electrodes are composed of lithium oxides and graphite. These electrodes are immersed in a polymer electrolyte. So, when you attach the ultra-thin battery to the circuit, chemical processes begin.

As a result, electrons start flowing. These electrons then move from the anode to the cathode. The electrolyte enables the movement of electrons and generates power.

Part 5. Best ultra-thin battery at Ufine

Here are some of the best battery products available at UFine. These batteries can make your lives easier.

3.7 V 120mAh Ultra Thin Battery

 3.7 v 120mah ultra thin battery 015836 

Ufine is one of the top producers of polymer lithium-ion battery cells. Its most popular thin lithium polymer battery is 3.7 V 120mAh ultra-thin battery. It has an energy storage capacity of 120mAH. The flexibility of this battery makes it ideal to use in thin devices.

3.7 V 180mAh Ultra Thin battery

3.7 v 180mah ultra thin battery 014461

3.7 V 180mAh Ultra Thin battery is another best-selling lithium polymer battery. It weighs around 5 grams. Its charging temperature is 0°C to 45°C. Furthermore, its discharging temperature is -20°C to 60°C. As the name indicates, its average voltage is 3.7V. It has an energy storage capacity of 180mAh.

3.7 V 8mAh Ultra Thin Battery

3.7 v 8mah ultra thin battery 042040

3.7 V 8mAh ultra-thin lipo battery weighs approximately 0.144g. It has a lower internal resistance of less than 1500 mΩ. It has an energy storage capacity of 8mAh. Its average voltage is 3.7 V. Moreover, it has a maximum circuit voltage of 4.2 V. This battery is designed specifically for tracker devices.

Moreover, they have the following features;

  • 초저 자체 방전
  • 넓은 온도 범위
  • High Discharge Rate
  • 긴 주기 수명

These are some of the best ultra-thin lipo batteries available at Ufine. You can also order customized ultra-thin lithium according to your preferences.

Part 6. Top thin film lithium polymer batteries

Now, we will discuss the top brands from where you can buy a thin film lithium polymer battery.



Panasonic is a well-known brand in the battery industry. Panasonic manufactures batteries of different sizes. Their thin lithium batteries can be as thin as 1mm. Their batteries have a storage capacity from 500mAh to 3000mAh. The prices for different thin lithium polymer batteries vary according to their capacity. So, the average cost for a Panasonic thin lithium battery is between $5 and $20.

2. LG Chem


LG Chem also makes thin lithium polymer batteries. Its price range is affordable as compared to other brands. LG Chem can produce lithium polymer batteries that are as thin as 0.5mm. Their energy storage capacity goes from 300 to 2500mAh. These batteries are ideal for mini-sensors. Their pricing also varies depending on the battery’s capacity. As a result, their prices range between $3 and $15.

3. UFine


UFine can provide you with the best thin lithium polymer battery at an affordable price. They manufacture high-quality lithium polymer batteries. Their batteries can tolerate harsh conditions. They can work even at -40°C. Their maximum temperature range is 55°C. You can also order customized thin-film lithium polymer batteries from UFine. They can adjust the battery size and capacity according to your needs. Their thin lithium polymer batteries are of diverse voltage ratings. Their voltage ratings fall between 3.7 and 11.1 volts.

4. Samsung SDI


Last but not least, Samsung SDI also makes ultra-thin lipo batteries. Their ultra-thin battery thickness is as low as 0.5mm. They are best for gadgets that have minimal space and require large energy storage capacity. Moreover, their batteries are eco-friendly. These batteries are well-known for their efficiency and longer life span.



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