Top 10 LiFePO4 Battery Pack Factory in 2024


LiFePO4 battery packs have become a cornerstone in the development of modern energy solutions. Their high energy density and compact shape make them ideal for various applications, from electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems to consumer electronics. In 2024, several manufacturers have distinguished themselves through innovation, quality, and performance. Let’s delve into the top 10 LiFePO4 battery pack manufacturers you should watch this year.

1. BYD


BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a prominent Chinese multinational company that has established itself as a leading manufacturer of LiFePO4 battery technology. As one of the world’s largest producers of electric vehicles, BYD has leveraged its expertise in battery development to become a major supplier of advanced LiFePO4 battery pack solutions for both automotive and energy storage applications. BYD’s LiFePO4 batteries are renowned for their high energy density, long cycle life, and exceptional safety characteristics, making them a preferred choice for EVs, renewable energy systems, and industrial equipment. The company’s vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities and commitment to continuous innovation have allowed it to drive down costs and bring cutting-edge LiFePO4 battery packs to the global market.

BYD LiFePO4 Battery Pack:

  • High Energy Density – BYD’s LiFePO4 cells offer industry-leading energy density, enabling more power and range in a compact form factor.
  • Extended Lifespan: With over 3,000 charge/discharge cycles, BYD LiFePO4 batteries demonstrate exceptional longevity and reliability.
  • Thermal Stability – The inherent safety of LiFePO4 chemistry, combined with BYD’s advanced cell design, provides robust thermal management and overcharge protection.
  • Fast Charging Capability – BYD batteries can be charged at high rates, minimizing downtime and improving productivity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Leveraging economies of scale and innovative manufacturing processes, BYD provides LiFePO4 battery solutions at competitive prices.
  • Environmental Friendliness – Using non-toxic, non-flammable materials in BYD’s LiFePO4 batteries makes them a sustainable energy storage choice.
  • Versatility – BYD’s LiFePO4 batteries are deployed across various applications, from electric vehicles to renewable energy systems and industrial equipment.

2. Panasonic Corporation

  • Business: Panasonic is a diversified multinational electronics and energy company with a long history from 1918. They are a leading producer of lithium-ion batteries, including advanced LiFePO4 cells and modules.
  • Products: Panasonic’s LiFePO4 battery pack are known for their exceptional safety, high energy density, long cycle life, and rapid charging capabilities. They offer a range of LiFePO4 products optimized for electric vehicles, energy storage systems, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics.
  • Advantages: Panasonic leverages its deep materials science and electrochemistry expertise to continually innovate its LiFePO4 battery technology. Their batteries feature robust thermal management, advanced cell balancing, and sophisticated battery management systems to ensure reliable, safe, and efficient operation.

3. CATL 


  • Business: Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) is the world’s largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, including LiFePO4 cells and packs. As a pure-play battery company, CATL has rapidly emerged as a global leader through massive investments in R&D and production capacity.
  • Products: CATL’s LiFePO4 battery portfolio spans various energy densities, power capabilities, and form factors to cater to diverse customer requirements in electric vehicles, energy storage, and industrial applications. Their latest LiFePO4 products feature innovations in cell chemistry, electrode design, and battery management.
  • Advantages: CATL’s scale, technical expertise, and vertical integration enable them to produce LiFePO4 batteries at highly competitive costs without compromising on performance and safety. Their large manufacturing footprint and strong supply chain allow for reliable, high-volume delivery to global customers.

4. Ufine Battery


  • Business:  Ufine is a China-based manufacturer specializing in the production of high-performance LiFePO4 battery packs for a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems.
  • Products: Ufine’s LiFePO4 battery pack boast an impressive energy density, offering up to 20% more capacity than traditional cylindrical cells. Additionally, their unique design ensures enhanced safety, with built-in protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits.
  • Advantages:Ufine’s extensive research and development efforts have enabled them to develop cutting-edge LiFePO4 battery pack technologies that prioritize efficiency and longevity. Their products are renowned for their exceptional cycling performance.
    Ufine’s commitment to innovative manufacturing processes and strategic partnerships has enabled it to offer LiFePO4 battery packs at competitive prices, making its products accessible to a broader range of consumers and businesses.
    Best of all, Ufine allows for easy integration and customization to meet the specific needs of their customers. Contact us today for a custom LiFePO4 battery pack!

5. A123 Systems

a123 systems

Wanxiang A123 Systems Corp’s core business is batteries and its control systems. A123 Systems mainly produces 6Ah, 8Ah, 12Ah, 20Ah, 37Ah LiFePO4 batteries
A123 Systems has a super nano lithium iron phosphate global patent and is the world’s best high safety, high power, long life lithium iron phosphate battery technology, mainly used in 12V start-stop and 48V low-voltage batteries.
The company’s product materials cover lithium iron phosphate, ternary, and solid-state technology routes: product performance can meet the high specific energy, high power, high power, and high specific energy demand; products cover 12V, 48V low-voltage batteries, high-voltage batteries for pure electric, plug-in hybrids, F1 racing batteries, energy storage battery systems, and so on.

Features Advantages:

  • A123’s patented Nanophosphate® lithium ion chemistry
  • High usable energy over a wide state of charge (SOC) range
  • Excellent high pulse current charge/discharge capability
  • Excellent abuse tolerance and superior cycle life
  • High power over 5,900 W/kg and 12,000 W/L

6. LG Energy Solution


  • Business: LG Energy Solution is a spin-off of LG Chem, one of the world’s largest producers of advanced batteries. As a dedicated battery company, LG Energy Solution is driving rapid advancements in lithium-ion battery technology, including high-performance LiFePO4 cells
  • Products: LG’s LiFePO4 batteries are designed for high-power and high-energy applications. They offer industry-leading energy density, fast charging rates, and excellent thermal stability. LG’s LiFePO4 products span a wide range, including pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical cell formats for versatile integration
  •  Advantages: LG Energy Solution benefits from its cutting-edge battery R&D, robust manufacturing capabilities, and extensive experience as an OEM supplier to major automakers and energy storage providers. Their LiFePO4 batteries deliver exceptional safety, reliability, and lifecycle performance.

7. Samsung SDI 


  • Business: Samsung SDI is the Samsung conglomerate’s battery and energy solutions arm. As a pioneer in lithium-ion battery technology, Samsung SDI has been at the forefront of LiFePO4 battery development for over two decades.
  • Products: Samsung SDI’s LiFePO4 batteries are optimized for high-power and high-energy density applications. Their product portfolio includes cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cell formats designed for electric vehicles, energy storage, power tools, and other uses.
  • Advantages: Samsung SDI’s LiFePO4 batteries leverage the company’s expertise in materials science, electrochemistry, and battery manufacturing. They are known for their excellent thermal management, robust safety features, and long operational lifespans. Samsung’s reputation for quality and reliability is a key competitive advantage.

8. Lishen


  • Business: Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. is one of China’s largest and earliest manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries, including LiFePO4 cells and modules. As a state-owned enterprise, Lishen has been at the forefront of China’s push to become a global leader in battery technology.
  • Products: Lishen offers a diverse portfolio of LiFePO4 batteries across different form factors, energy densities, and power capabilities. Their products serve a wide range of applications, from electric vehicles and energy storage to industrial equipment and consumer electronics.
  • Advantages: Lishen’s extensive manufacturing scale, vertical integration, and government support allow them to achieve competitive pricing for their LiFePO4 batteries. They also invest heavily in R&D to improve their battery performance, safety, and reliability.

9. SK Innovation

  sk innovation 

  • Business: SK Innovation is the energy and chemicals division of the SK Group conglomerate. As a diversified energy company, SK Innovation has expanded its focus on advanced battery technologies, including LiFePO4 cells and packs.
  • Products: SK Innovation’s LiFePO4 batteries are engineered for high-power and high-energy applications, particularly on electric vehicles and grid-scale energy storage. They offer a range of LiFePO4 battery modules and packs for optimal integration and performance.
  • Advantages: SK Innovation leverages its deep expertise in battery chemistry, engineering, and manufacturing to develop LiFePO4 batteries with industry-leading safety, durability, and energy efficiency. Their batteries also benefit from sophisticated thermal and battery management systems to ensure reliable operation in demanding applications.

10. Northvolt


  • Business: Northvolt is a European battery start-up founded to establish a sustainable, locally-produced battery ecosystem. While still a young company, Northvolt has quickly become a prominent player in the LiFePO4 and other lithium-ion battery technologies.
  • Products: Northvolt manufactures advanced LiFePO4 battery cells, modules, and packs tailored for demanding electric vehicle and energy storage applications. Their products are designed with a focus on safety, lifecycle, and environmental impact.
  • Advantages: Northvolt’s LiFePO4 batteries benefit from the company’s innovative cell designs, use of renewable energy in production, and commitment to sustainable, ethical, and circular battery manufacturing. As a European-based manufacturer, Northvolt also aims to reduce supply chain emissions and logistics costs for its customers.

11. Conclusion

In 2024, the landscape of LiFePO4 battery pack manufacturers is marked by innovation, quality, and a commitment to sustainability. These top 10 manufacturers have distinguished themselves through their advanced technology, reliable products, and strong market presence. While each company has its unique strengths and challenges, they all contribute significantly to the advancement of energy storage solutions. As the demand for efficient and sustainable energy solutions continues to grow, these manufacturers are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of energy storage and electric mobility.



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