Overview of Using Lawn Mower Battery 12V


A lawn is an essential part of the home that enhances its beauty and overall aesthetics. A well-maintained lawn provides space for healthy outdoor activities and control pests and weeds. In this regard, a lawn mower is a vital tool for maintaining a medium garden. There are mainly two types of lawn mowers: one is a gasoline-based lawn mower, and the other is battery-operated. So, if you are looking to shift from a gasoline lawn mower to or planning to change your lawn mower battery 12v, this guide will help you in this regard.

12v mower battery 

Part 1. Understanding the basics of a 12V mower battery

A 12v mower battery is the heart of an electric lawn mower. Because a 12V mower battery performs all the functions. Before we move towards the details of lawn mower battery 12v, we want you to know the basic terms used for batteries.
Voltage (V): As you know, most batteries consist of 12 volts, which is standard. You will find a 12v riding lawn mower battery-operated, which is ideal for the small and medium garden of the house.
Battery Capacity (Ah): These terms represent the capacity of battery ampere per hour. It is the indication of how long the battery is going to perform. So if a lawn mower battery 12v has higher Ah, meaning it is going to perform for longer.
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): It is a crucial battery rating. Cold-cranking amps indicate a 12v mower battery’s ability to deliver power in cold temperatures, as mowers often have to operate in chilly mornings.

Part 2. Benefits of using a 12V battery for lawn mower

Using an electric lawn mower equipped with a 12-volt battery can be a great choice for many advantages.

a. Low Maintenance

An electric lawn mower always has maintenance benefits. There is no need to change oil, tuning, spark plug change, and daily basis gasoline expenses. The only thing that needs maintenance is the lawn mower battery 12v, which, after some years, needs replacement.

b. Easy Starting

When you have a 12v lawn mower, you will not have to worry about starting the lawn mower for grass cutting. The only thing to do is to take care of the 12v lawn mower battery, which should be fully charged to avoid any inconvenience.

c. Environmental Friendly

Moving to an electric mower is a positive step in saving the environment from a carbon footprint.

d. Quiet Operated

These mowers operate quietly because a motor and a lawn mower battery 12v make less noise compared to gasoline mowers.

Part 3. Charging and discharging 12V mower battery

An electric lawn mower can be charged and ready to use. But there is some confusion about charger types and when to charge.

  • Charging 12V mower battery: You should charge the lawn mower with the original charger that came with the mower. Remember that a 12v charger should charge the lawn mower battery 12v to charge completely. Suppose you are using a lower power charger like a 6-volt charger or a car battery charger. In that case, it will not charge completely and can damage your 12v mower battery.
  • Discharging 12V mower battery: A 12v mower battery can be discharged and cause damage to the battery life if not taken proper care. Therefore, if you use it frequently and charge it from time to time, you can avoid discharging issues. However, you may often not need a lawn mower session in winter. So, if you do not store it properly, the electronics of the mower can keep discharging the 12v mower battery. Therefore, in winter, you should disconnect the battery terminals from the electric mower. We also recommend you charge it occasionally to ensure that the lawnmower battery 12v does not discharge completely.

Part 4. How to maximize battery life for lawn mower?

There are some tips to improve the working capability and lifespan of an electric lawn mower or a riding lawn mower.

  1. Keep it Charged: Always charge the mower regularly. If it’s been sitting long, give it a full charge with a proper 12V charger.
  2. Don’t Deep Discharge: Avoid letting the battery completely die. Regularly mow to prevent your 12v mower battery.
  3. Store Smartly: During long storage periods in winter, disconnect the battery or fully charge it, and check and recharge every few months.
  4. Maintain Proper Connections: Cleaning any corrosion from battery terminals and ensuring tight connections for optimal charging can maximize battery life.
  5. Right Climate is Key: Avoid extreme heat or cold when storing and using your mower in temperatures that can lower the lawn mower battery from 12v to 10.2v.
  6. Use it Regularly: Regular use keeps the battery charged and healthy. Don’t let it sit unused for longer periods.
  7. Mind the Runtime: Don’t push your mower beyond its battery capacity. Therefore, mow in sections in case of having a larger lawn to avoid straining the battery.

Part 5. How to choose the 12V battery for a lawn mower?

When choosing a lawn mower or a riding mower that is 12v battery operated, always consider the following factors that count a lot. These factors are suitable battery types for lawn mowers, battery size, terminal position, amp hour, and battery voltage. As discussed above, most lawnmowers or riding mowers use a 12v battery. Therefore, if your lawn mower needs to replace an old battery with a newer one, you should check the mower specifications and previous battery details to choose accordingly. In case of buying a new lawn mower, always choose the mower with a 12v mower battery with higher amp hour and charging speed.

Part 6. Common issues and troubleshooting 12V mower battery

When you are using an electric lawn mower, there are some issues you can face, specifically with the 12v mower battery.

1. Dead Battery

  1. Check connections for cleanliness and tightness.
  2. Test battery voltage should be around 12.6V fully charged.
  3. Charge the battery if unused for a long time.
  4. Consider replacing an older battery (2-4 year lifespan).

2. Slow Cranking

  1. Charge the battery for a full cycle.
  2. Clean and tighten battery terminal connections.
  3. Use a battery with a higher CCA rating for better cold starts (if applicable).

3. Mower Runs Erratically

  1. Loose and corroded battery terminals can cause the issue.
  2. Replace an older battery with a newer one if issues persist.
  3. Take the help of a technician for possible non-battery electrical issues.

4. General Tips

  1. Read the manual in case you have any issues with the machine.
  2. If you are dealing with the 12v mower battery, use eye protection glass for safety.
  3. Replace with a new 12V battery matching mower specs if troubleshooting fails.
  4. Dispose of old batteries at the recycling center.


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