Overview of IMR battery


An IMR battery has a higher capacity as compared to a lithium-ion battery. So, the IMR Batteries are quite popular among high-performance devices. These may include flashlights, laptops, and e-cigarettes. Moreover, they have a high discharge rate. So, they require more power in less duration. But these are highly stable and do not catch fire.

imr battery

This article will discuss how the IMP Battery works, its varieties, and the alternatives available on the market. Moreover, we will discuss its wide scope of applications.

Part 1. What is an IMR battery?

IMR Battery is an abbreviation for Lithium Ion Manganese Rechargeable Battery. These batteries are also known as Lithium Manganese Batteries or Li-Mn Batteries. The chemical composition of the IMR batteries consists of Lithium Manganese oxide (LiMn2O4), an important part of cathodic material. An important characteristic of this battery is that it resists overcharging compared to other batteries.

Part 2. Different shapes and sizes of IMR battery

IMR batteries are manufactured in various sizes, such as 14500, 16340, and 18650. In these, 16340 and 18650 are almost similar in size. An 18650 battery has a thick diameter. It makes it difficult to use for most flashlights. In most cases, IMR batteries lack protection circuits, but some manufacturers install protection circuits in IMR cells. The reason for the popularity of IMR batteries is their nonprotective circuits.

Due to their low capacity, we cannot install cobalt-based cells in these batteries. Additionally, their inner resistance always decreases with time. That’s why IMR batteries are considered safer than lithium cobalt batteries. The fast charging and discharging rate of IMR batteries makes them highly efficient for devices that need higher currents to function rapidly.

Part 3. Why choose IMR batteries?

IMR batteries offer many benefits over other power options. So, here are some reasons why we should prefer using an IMR Battery over other alternatives.

1. Highly Effective

IMR batteries are fast-drain batteries. So, it makes them effective for high output voltage and current applications to get high power.

2. Internal Resistance

IMR battery has relatively low internal resistance.  While other batteries have higher internal resistance. As we know, current and resistance are inversely proportional. This means that if an IMR battery has low resistance, it will allow the maximum current to pass through it. So, IMR batteries are efficient in more current flow than other batteries.

Part 4. Types and specifications of IMR battery

IMR Batteries have multiple features that help them find vast applications in diverse markets. So, let’s discuss the different IMR batteries along with their specifications

1. IMR 18650 Battery

IMR 18650 is a widely used battery. They have a wide scope of applications in different electronic appliances. These may include laptops, flashlights, and vaping devices. Here, 18650 specifically shows the dimensions of IMR batteries, i.e., 18mm width and 65mm length of an IMR battery. These batteries are famous for their power and high discharge rate. Moreover, they have relatively high performance and more capacity than other alternatives.

2. IMR 26650 Battery

The IMR 26650 battery has 26mm width and 65mm length dimensions. So, they are larger than the IMR 18650 batteries. Their large size allows them to store more charges as well. Moreover, these batteries are capable of delivering more power. This is why IMR 26650 batteries are suitable for devices needing more power. So, it has wide applications in flashlights, electric vehicles, and power tools.

Part 5. IMR 18650 battery 3000mAh 3.7V?

18650 battery 3000mah 3.7 v

These batteries are the same size as normal IMR batteries. But they have relatively more capacity. This means they can store more energy and also transfer it at higher rates. IMR 18650 battery with 3000mAh (milliampere-hour) also provides consistent discharge of 3000 milliamps for one hour. Moreover, their voltage – 3.7V shows its average output voltage during the discharge. This voltage is quite suitable for electronic devices that need this voltage range.

Part 6. Comparison of IMR, ICR, and INR 18650 batteries

The following table will demonstrate the comparison of IMR, ICR, and INR Batteries:

Battery Type 방전율 용량 안전 Price 애플리케이션
IMR 18650 높음 낮음 Safer 높음 High-performance devices
ICR 18650 낮음 높음 Less Safe 낮음 Laptop, Cameras
INR 18650 높음 Medium Safer 높음 Electric Cars, Devices

Part 7. Top 5 brands for IMR battery 

IMR batteries are quite popular. So, multiple brands are offering them in the market.  

The following is the detail of the top brands for IMR Batteries;



No one is unaware of their name. Panasonic is a reputable manufacturing company for high-quality batteries. They also offer top-quality IMR Batteries. These batteries come with multiple features like reliable performance and durability. This is the reason Panasonic IMR batteries have worth in the market.

2. Samsung


Samsung is also quite popular among high-quality battery manufacturers. Their IMR batteries are well-known for their consistent quality. They use innovative technology to make these batteries. So, its IMR batteries are quite fast, convenient to use, and reliable. They can fulfill all your needs.


3. Sony


Sony uses the most innovative technology to make high-quality batteries, so they are the go-to brand for getting an IMR Battery. Their batteries are more reliable than those of other brands. Moreover, they have longer life spans. So they can work for last without compromising their performance.

4. Ufine Battery


Regarding high-performance and effective designs, Ufine Battery offers a wide range of high-quality and reliable batteries. Its IMR batteries have a high discharge rate and relatively low internal resistance. This is why they can pass the maximum current. As a result, they can store more charge. Additionally, Ufine Battery have a longer life span. So they can work last without compromising on performance.
5. LG


LG is also using modern technology to develop IMR batteries. Their IMR batteries have a relatively higher performance rate. Moreover, they give high internal resistance. That is why these batteries allow more current to flow through them. Moreover, LG’s IMR batteries have high performance even after one or two years.

In conclusion, IMR Battery is a reliable solution for efficient power. It has a wide scope of applications in diverse fields. The IMR batteries are usually composed of Lithium Manganese oxide. So, these materials help increase their safety and resistance to overcharging. Moreover, the IMR batteries are available in a range of sizes and have different discharge rates and capacities to store charges. Compared to ICR and INR batteries, IMR gives more safety and high performance. They are widely used in applications like laptops, e-cigarettes, and flashlights. Additionally, there are multiple brands available in the market that offer high-quality IMR batteries.



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