An Ultimate Guide About 3S LiPo Batteries

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3 s Lipo batteries are prevalent for most small electronic devices. These are higher in energy, lighter in weight, and long-lasting. Therefore it does not matter if you are a hobbyist or a professional, 3 s Lipo batteries are needed by everyone. This guide will walk you through everything about 3 s lipo batteries to choose the best 3s lipo battery for your devices.

3 s lipo batteries   

Part 1. What does 3S mean on a LiPo battery?

3s Lipo is a rechargeable battery based on lithium-ion technology. It uses polymer electrolytes instead of liquid electrolytes. It is a high energy density battery within a compact size ideal for small gadgets where weight is very crucial. A 3s Lipo battery contains three individual batteries inside one pack. Each battery has 3.7v that is connected in series making 11.1 volts. So in 3s lipo battery “3” means 3 lithium polymer cells and “S” means connected in series. The voltage of the battery increases with the increase in number like 4s have 14.8 volts and 2s will have 7.4 volts.

Part 2. What is the difference between 2S and 3S LiPo?

2s and 3 s lipo batteries are different from each other. Both batteries have different voltage range, power output, and capacity. Here are the key differences between these two lipo batteries.

  • 전압: As we know 2s and 3s batteries are 3.7V cell combinations. A 2s lipo battery has two 3.7V cells making 7.4 volts. Whereas, in 3s lipo has three 3.7V cells making 11.1 volts. So the 3s battery has a higher voltage suitable for more power-demanding applications.
  • 용량: There is an extra cell in a 3s lipo battery compared to a 2s battery. An extra cell means an addition to the total battery capacity. Therefore, 3 s lipo batteries have 33% more capacity than 2 s lipo batteries.
  • Power Output: Due to the higher voltage of 3 s lipo batteries you can draw more power out of 3s than 2s batteries. This makes the battery suitable for highly-draw applications.

In general, 3 S LiPo batteries provide more power, capacity, and runtime compared to 2S, making them a popular choice for medium to high-draw electric devices and models. However, 2S batteries are lighter, more compact, and better suited for smaller, lower-power applications.

Part 3. What is the voltage of 3 S LiPo batteries?

You can determine the nominal voltage of an “s” series lipo battery by its name. In 3 s lipo batteries, the nominal voltage is 11.1. Each cell contributes 3.7v when you connect in series. In a 3s battery the full voltage rate is the following:

  • Fully charged voltage: 12.6V (4.2V per cell)
  • Nominal voltage: 11.1V (3.7V per cell)
  • Low voltage cutoff: 9V (3V per cell)

Note: If you charge a 3s battery above the charged range of 12.6V, it can damage the battery life. Similarly discharging the battery below 9V is also harmful for the battery. However, most 3 s lipo batteries have built-in circuits to prevent the battery from overcharging and discharging.

Part 4. What is the capacity of 3S LiPo batteries?

The 3 s lipo batteries come in various capacities depending upon the power needed for the device. You will find a 3s lipo battery of 1200mah as the lowest battery capacity and can get a 3s lipo battery 5000mah as a higher capacity model. In the market, you will find the following three popular models commonly used for devices.

1. 3S Lipo Battery 2000mah

This 3s 2000 mah battery is a stable battery in weight and power ratio. The average price of this battery sits around $20 to $25 depending upon the battery brand. It makes the battery an ideal choice for most RC applications specifically RC plans.

2. 3S Lipo Battery 3500mah

This 3s battery is suitable for various applications, including but not limited to high-performance drones, RC aircraft, medical equipment, and professional cameras. You can get this battery for $30 to $35.

3. 3S Lipo Battery 5000mah

It is the 3s Lipo Battery 5000mah commonly popular among high-performing devices. Because it has a huge power capacity the runtime of electronic applications becomes two times higher. It is a suitable battery for RC planes and vehicles, cameras, drones, and different equipment. The price range of this 3s lipo battery 5000mah capacity is around $50 to $70 depending upon the quality and brand.

Part 5. How long does a 3S LiPo battery last?

There is no fixed runtime of a 3s lipo battery because it relies on several factors to calculate how long a 3s battery can last. Let’s check out the following determining factors.

  • Capacity: The battery capacity plays a vital role for long backup. The higher battery capacity means a longer battery backup. For example, a 3s lipo battery 5000mah will have more backup than a 2000mah battery.
  • Current Draw: In case a device or a motor draw needs a high current for working will draw a high current. A larger drone will deplete the battery much quicker than any other low-power device.
  • Discharge Rate: The discharge rate directly impacts the battery backup time. 3s LiPo has a maximum continuous discharge rate is 10C to 20C. If we exceed this limit will shorten battery life.

As an example, a 3S lipo battery 5000mah has the following approximate runtimes:

  • Powering a 1000mA device: 5 hour
  • To Power a 2000mA device: 2.5 hours
  • Powering a 5000mA device: 1 hour

Part 6. How to choose a 3S LiPo battery charger?

3 s lipo batteries are rechargeable. So if you choose the best 3s lipo battery for your electronic device, it is important to have a suitable 3s lipo battery charger. In the market, plenty of chargers are available, but choosing a suitable one is essential to have a long battery life and higher battery backup.

ufine 3s lipo batteries parameter

1. Charge Rate

Choose a 3s lipo battery charger that has a charging rate of 0.5C to 1C. A 3s lipo battery usually needs 2.5A to 5A. Therefore, you should not look for a charger having higher charging amperes, as these can damage the battery.

2. Charge Modes

Good quality chargers are intelligent enough to charge the battery at different charging modes. Moreover, these have overcharging and temperature protection to protect the battery. Therefore, choose the 3s lipo battery charger having a three-stage charging mode and active battery protection feature.

3. Input Power

Usually, chargers come to handle AC input power ranging from 110V to 240V AC. however, there are DC chargers that support 12V DC and can charge the battery with a car battery or solar power.

4. Connectors

Make sure, that the selected charger must have a required connector to charge the 3s lipo battery. So you should verify connector types like XT90, XT60, or Deans.

Part 7. Best 3 S LiPo Batteries

There are plenty of 3 s lipo batteries in the market. But choosing the right one is always a challenging task. Therefore, we have shortened the list to 5 so you can choose the best 3s lipo battery for your device. Here are 5 of the best 3 S LiPo batteries on the market.

1. Ufine 11.1V 1200mAh 3S LiPo Battery

ufine 3s lipo batteries

Ufine Battery is a leading polymer lithium-ion battery manufacturer. It provides an extensive range of 3s lipo batteries from 1200mah to 5000mah. Moreover, it offers battery customization to power every electronic device.

2. Tattu 11.1V 4500mAh 3S LiPo Battery

Tattu is a popular battery brand for its high-quality 3 s LiPo batteries. It has a wide range of 3s lipo batteries to power all the demanding applications like large drones and high-speed RC models.

3. Turnigy Nano-Tech 11.1V 5000mAh 3S LiPo Battery

The Turnigy Nano-Tech 3S 5000mAh LiPo is an excellent value-oriented option. It offers generous capacity and power output at an affordable price point. The battery uses nano-technology to achieve high energy density without sacrificing cycle life or safety.

4. Venom 50C 11.1V 3S 5200mAh LiPo Battery

Venom’s 3S 5200mAh LiPo is known for its high power density and compact size. It makes 3 s lipo batteries for drones and RC vehicles that need lightweight and high-power batteries. It can be a good choice if you need a compact powerful battery.

5. Multistar Elite 3S 1800mAh 30C LiPo Battery

The Multistar Elite series provides a good balance of capacity, weight, and price. This is the best 3s lipo battery for the device that does not need high power and discharge



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