18650 Battery 2600mAh: Specifications, Recommend, Applications


18650 batteries are a type of rechargeable lithium-ion battery used in electronics. 18650 배터리 2600mAh is well known for its extended life, high energy density, and reliable performance. In this article, we have collected all your questions regarding the 2600mAh 18650 battery and its specifications.

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Part 1. What is the 18650 battery 2600mAh? 

Li-ion batteries such as the 18650 battery 2600mAh are known for their high energy density and small size. The designation “18650” describes its dimensions (65 mm length and 18 mm diameter), while “2600 mAh” indicates the milliamp-hour (mAh) capacity for storing electrical charge.

Many laptop batteries, cordless power tools, electric cars, electric scooters, most e-bikes, e-cigarettes, portable fans, and LED lights use 18650 batteries, with a nominal voltage of 3.6–3.7 V.

Specifications of the 18650 Battery 2600mAh

The 2600 mAh 18650 battery is a typical cylindrical lithium-ion battery used in many electrical devices. Its dimensions—18 mm in diameter and 65.0 mm in length—gave rise to its nickname. 

Its capacity, or 2600 milliamp-hours, is listed at 2600 mAh, indicating how much charge it can hold. These batteries are best for electronics and gadgets like e-cigs and flashlights. Specifications of the 18650 Battery 2600mAh:

  • 용량: 2600mAh
  • 전압: Typically 3.7 volts
  • Chemistry: Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V – 3.7V
  • Dimensions: 18mm x 65.0mm
  • Discharge Current: Typically rated between 1C to 2C
  • Weight: Approximately 45 grams
  • Cycle Life: Typically rated for 300-500 charge-discharge cycles
  • Rechargeable: Yes, it requires a compatible charger

Part 2. Top 5 recommended 18650 battery 2600mAh 

There are so many 18650 batteries on the market that it is difficult to know which one to use in your gadgets. Do not worry; we have done our best for you. 

Below are the top leading manufacturers of 18650 batteries 2600mAh in the marketplace. 

Let’s check them in detail. 

1. Amazon Basics 8-Pack Rechargeable AA NiMH

amazon basics 8 pack rechargeable aa nimh

Link: Amazon Basics Rechargeable AA NiMH

사양: AA rechargeable NiMH batteries, ready to use for devices like remote controls, flashlights, clocks, and more

18650 batteries from Amazon are AA rechargeable and NiMH. These Amazon Choice batteries are durable and can be recharged up to 1,000 times with minimal energy loss, making them ideal for remote controls, flashlights, watches, and more.

Amazon Basic Rechargeable AA Batteries have a shelf life of up to 5 years. They are great for everyday or emergency use and come pre-charged and ready to use.

2. Ufine 18650 2600mAh Battery

18650 battery 2600mah

Link: 18650 배터리 2600mAh

사양: 3.7V-7.4V rechargeable, 2600 mAh, provides long-lasting power to various devices.

Ufine’s high-quality lithium-ion battery provides a reliable and efficient power source for various applications. This 18650 3.7V battery has a capacity of 2600mAh and features a long service life, providing uninterrupted power to your devices.

In addition, our battery has a wide range of applications thanks to numerous series and parallel configurations. This gives you the freedom to tailor the power supply to suit your unique requirements and the ability to power multiple devices at once.

3. Epoch 18650 2600mAh 8A

epoch 18650 2600mah 8a

Link: Epoch 18650 2600mAh Battery

사양: 3.7V, 8A – Protected Button Top Battery, long-lasting, best for everyday use.

Epoch 18650 2600mAh batteries should be handled with extreme care. They should not be stored fully charged but carried in a protective battery case in your pocket. These batteries provide advanced and reliable power for various gadgets without sacrificing functionality. 

Epoch 18650 batteries are commonly used in electronic devices such as laptops and flashlights, electric vehicles, and other high-power devices. However, Epoch 18650 2600mAh batteries are unsuitable for e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and similar devices. 

4. Samsung 26J 18650 2600mAh 5.2A Battery

samsung 26j 18650 2600mah 5 2a battery

Link: Samsung 18650 2600mAh

사양:  Rechargeable, 5.2A Battery, best for everyday gadgets and electronics.

Samsung 26J 18650 2600mAh is an environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and high-quality battery, making it ideal for people looking for the best 18650 2600mAh batteries for their appliances. 

In addition, Samsung produces lithium-ion batteries, ensuring users receive the highest quality and performance. Although it is a well-known brand and produces quality lithium-ion batteries, not everyone can afford them due to their expensive cost.

5. Molicel P26A 18650 2600mAh 35A Battery

molicel p26a 18650 2600mah 35a battery

Link: Molicel P26A 18650 2600mAh 35A Battery

사양: Fast charge capability, high thermal stability, rechargeability, and electronics suitability.

Molicel 18650 2600mAh battery is one of a major manufacturer’s newest and most anticipated cells. It is making its first appearance at a Grand Slam tournament. Its typical capacity is 2600mAh, and its maximum continuous discharge/drain rating is 35A. While you may get a slightly shorter lifespan at a given amperage, the element is designed to handle that load without issue.

It is the most durable and long-lasting 18650 form factor cell with a capacity of over 2000 mAh. This is one of the best 18650 batteries for ultra-high discharge at moderate to high capacity.

Now that you have a list of the top 18650 2600mAh battery manufacturers, let’s move on to 18650 battery applications.

Part 3. 18650 Battery 2600mAh applications

18650 battery 2600mAh is versatile and can be used in various applications. 

Let’s explore!

a. Battery-powered devices in various industries

186500 2600mAh battery used in many industries, including consumer electronics, medical gadgets, and power equipment. Its high energy density and rechargeability make it an ideal option for applications that need a constant power source.

b. 18650 Flashlights Battery

Flashlights often use these batteries due to their small size and long life. Due to their durable functionality, they are suitable for outdoor activities, emergencies, and professional use.

c. 18650 2600mAh Vape Battery

Since they work with a wide range of vaping devices and have a high discharge rate, 18650 batteries are preferred in the vaping community. With less downtime, they allow customers to have a satisfying vaping experience with consistent power production.

d. Portable Electronics and Gadgets

The 2600mAh 18650 battery is a reliable power source for various portable electronic gadgets, from laptops and tablets to mobile gaming consoles and electric shavers. Its adaptability and energy efficiency help the device last longer on a single charge.

Part 4. Conclusion 

The 18650 2600mAh battery is a stable and adaptable power source for various industries and applications. Due to its small size, high energy density, and rechargeability, it is an integral part of many electronic systems and devices. Users can extend the life and performance of their 18650 batteries by choosing reliable manufacturers and following usage guidelines.

5부. 자주 묻는 질문

  • What is the average life of a 2600 mAh battery?

    The 2600mAh battery life depends on power consumption and device usage habits. On one charge, it often lasts for several days or several hours.
  • Can I charge an 18650 battery with any charger?

    It is recommended that you use a charger designed specifically for Li-ion batteries that is compatible with the voltage and capacity of the 18650 battery.
  • Are 18650 batteries safe?

    Yes, 18650 batteries are safe and user-friendly. However, mishandling, overcharging, or using defective batteries may pose safety hazards such as overheating, leakage, or even fire.
  • How should I dispose of old or damaged 18650 batteries?

    It would help if you discarded old or damaged 18650 batteries to authorized battery recycling facilities or manufacturer-sponsored recycling programs to ensure they are disposed of safely. Please do not throw them away with regular household waste to avoid environmental pollution.


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