10 Top Small Li Ion Battery Manufacturers in 2024


In today’s world of technology, most gadgets rely on small power sources to operate in the form of a small li ion battery. Electronic devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, cameras, and drones need instant power with a compact size. Therefore, a small li ion battery becomes a dire need for every electronic device. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 small li ion battery manufacturers in 2024.

 small li ion battery manufacturers

Part 1. Learn small li-ion battery

A small li ion battery is a rechargeable battery that uses reversible chemical reactions during the charge and discharge of the battery. During charging lithium ions move from cathode to anode. During discharge, lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode and release energy. Small li ion battery manufacturers take extra care in selecting raw materials, cell designing, and production techniques. They manufacture small li ion battery in controlled environments to ensure quality and safety. In 2024, a small li ion battery is in high demand for almost all electric devices that need a compact energy source. It includes laptops, mobile phones, power tools, wearables, and RC toys. The Small li ion battery manufacturers are trying hard to meet the constantly increasing needs along with improved technology.

Part 2. 10 Top small li-ion battery manufacturers in 2024

1. Ufine Battery

ufine battery

Ufine Battery is a Chinese battery manufacturer founded in 2008. It specializes in customized small li ion battery manufacturing making it a leading supplier worldwide. Ufine battery offers a more flexible and convenient solution for every need than other small li ion battery manufacturers. Their batteries include lithium polymer batteries, 18650 batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and various high temperature batteries, low temperature batteries, ultra-thin batteries and other specialty batteries.

The company has obtained certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and UL, demonstrating its commitment to product quality and safety. Being one of the best small li ion battery manufacturers Ufine Battery is a priority for power tool manufacturers, electronic brands, and other industries. So if you need a small li ion battery for your project you must visit Ufine battery to have your desired battery.

2. ATL


Manufacturer’s Description: the largest li ion battery manufacturers worldwide. In a small li ion battery, ATL has launched different series, including the Xpress, Power Pro, aerocore, and medicare series, which are very popular. All the batteries are backed by certification to gain the consumer’s confidence. Overall, ATL can be the best solution for every small portable device that needs a small li ion battery.

3. Cameron Sino Technology

cameron sino technology

It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of many li ion batteries. It was established in 1997 and has headquarters in Hong Kong. With time the company has grown and gained a reputation in the small li ion battery field. Cameron Sino is investing a lot in R&D to develop the most advanced form of small li ion battery. For this purpose, it employed an experienced team including engineers, scientists, and developers. Some of the top-selling small li-ion batteries CS-IMR18650, CS-BL1830, CS-MED1230, and CS-EB1260 result from a Research and development project. The key principle of Cameron Sino is the customer-centric approach to providing personalized technical support and customization services.

4. Lishen Battey


For small li ion battery manufacturers, Lishen is another emerging name. It is officially known as Tianjin Lishen Battery, a leading Chinese small battery manufacturer. Within a short time, the company established itself by making various batteries including cylindrical, prismatic, pouch, and specialized storage systems. The Lishen batteries are known for high energy density, safety, and enhanced battery life. Overall in small li ion battery manufacturers, Lishen can be the best option for large-scale and personal battery manufacturing and customization.

5. EVE Energy


EVE is another strong player in the field of small li ion battery manufacturers. It is also a Chinese company that has obtained most certificates like ISO, UL, CE, etc. The company supplies small li ion batteries to power tools, electronic vehicles, and different energy companies. Moreover, EVE Energy has maintained different research and technology-based programs with various partners to develop modern high-quality small li ion battery.

6. BYD


Build Your Dreams, commonly known as BYD, is a world-renowned electric car manufacturer and electric car battery manufacturer. But they also produce small lithium batteries. The company was established in 1995 in China and started producing small rechargeable batteries. So the long experience has made BYD the top 10 small li ion battery manufacturers. BYD has expertise in building and handling small li ion battery packs.

7. Panasonic


Panasonic is a Japanese multinational company doing business all over the globe. It is good for using consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems. The company keeps improving its small li ion battery by increasing energy density, capacity, and charge cycles. With the collaboration, a better version of small li ion battery models of 18650 and 2170 for Tesla is produced.

8. Samsung SDI


Samsung is the most famous company for many versions. One of the reasons is small li ion battery manufacturing. It has a well-designed high-power series of small li ion batteries usable for most small portable electric devices. From the start, Samsung SDI has been part of the research and development program for lithium batteries. Therefore, this program benefits by having the production line’s most advanced small li ion battery.

9. LG Energy Solution


LG is a South Korean subsidiary of LG Corporation. As a major lithium-ion battery manufacturer, LGES produces various cell types, including small-format batteries suitable for consumer electronics, power tools, and other portable devices. LGES’s expertise in battery chemistry, cell design, and manufacturing processes enables it to deliver high-performance, safe, and cost-effective small Li-ion battery solutions for various applications.

10. CATL 


CATL was founded in 2011, headquartered in Ningde, China. It has large-scale production capabilities to manufacture all types of lithium batteries including small li ion battery models. CATL’s supply chain is worldwide due to its product quality and high performance. The company has utilized its innovative technology in high-nickel NMC811. This small li ion battery is cost-effective and long-lasting. Overall, the focus on R&D helped CATL establish its presence among top small-li ion battery manufacturers.



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